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I will keep going and try to figure this all out :.

Many many years ago when my children were little I did extreme couponing. Back then everyone did double coupons. I actually made money with coupons and rebates. I am trying to get back into extreme couponing but am finding it very difficult.

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Though I do save some money not like I want to. Just ask your friends to save coupons for you. When you have a little cash you can even buy coupons from a coupon clipping service on ebay. If you did this before, it is even easier now with printable coupons. I also live in Oregon and the store Alertsons has some double coupons you can use to double up to a 1. You have to buy the newspaper. So it does take time. So, if I have a coupon, it expired Aug. That helps a little. I have no stores that will double coupons like you see on t.

I live on the boarder of WI and MN. I was able to stock up on toilet paper 3 mo. Thank goodness for sites like this. There is a few. We have Jewel Foods and Ultra Foods. They do not double coupons nor accept expired coupons. How can I organized and get coupons. I am a single mother and laid off and trying to stock pile non perishables like toilet paper and detergents.

How can I do that? Thanks for your time. Do you know if stores will take No Expiration date coupons that do not have a bar code on them to scan? They also do not have a bar code to scan. The checker would have to put in the coupon price manually. I know here in Jacksonville, florida. Winn-dixie will also take expired coupons. I have only tried it through the self check out lane where you scan your own. I am not sure through a regular lane. I really am missing something here, I think what you did was amazing!! But i have doing this for 6months now, watched videos, tv shows, read the blogs, and i have never come close to that kind of savings….

I live in oregon and the price matches are not all the same. Just wish i could have that much success too. Good for you for figuring it out. I live in WA and I do not save as much as most people do with this. I think in the North West the coupon policies are more strict. Learning to do strategic couponing is a great start. Read the couponing blogs.

Create your own plan. I started by making a list of the items which comprised the majority of my household expenses and focused on couponing those first. THen, we had a stewardship class at church which included how to begin couponing strategically not the hoarding stuff you sometimes see on tv.


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